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ZO® Skin Health for Your Best Skin

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

For 35 years, Dr. Zein Obagi, the founder of ZO® Skin Health and a board-certified dermatologist, has worked on developing advanced skincare solutions. Dr. Obagi has tackled the most complex cases worldwide and is highly ranked among the world's top dermatologists and skin experts.

ZO® Skin Health's philosophy is simple; to achieve healthily, refreshed, and rejuvenated-looking skin through science. ZO® Skin health continues to push the boundaries of what is known about skincare and brings a new perspective to traditional skin care. ZO® products help maintain healthy skin for anyone despite their age, ethnicity, skin condition, or skin type.

Panhandle Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the ZO® line of products in the office and invites you to try them. Call us today at 806-350-7929 to learn more, or visit us at 1301 S. Coulter, Suite 201, inside the Women’s Healthcare Associates Building, to browse our ZO® collection!

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