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Breast Augmentation

True artistry in breast augmentation is predicated on the vision that "beautiful" should always prevail over "bigger.” The best breast augmentation results are achieved when an individual's unique goals are matched to her distinct body type to attain the most gorgeous and proportional outcomes.

Breast Reduction

Mammaplasty or Breast Reduction: Making breasts smaller is only one of the many facets of breast reduction surgery. So much more than simply reducing breast size, the true goals of breast reduction are beautiful breasts, achieved through the enhancement of breast shape, position, projection, proportion, and decreased volume. Improving breast aesthetics, physical comfort, and self-confidence can be dramatic.

Breast Lift

Breast deflation, droop or sag due to pregnancy-related changes, weight loss, or genetic predisposition can be corrected with a breast lift. Every individual's goals and physical requirements are unique, so the best breast lift techniques can be determined after private consultation.

En Bloc Capsulectomy

En Bloc Capsulectomy is a surgical procedure that removes a breast implant and all of the breast implant capsule after complications from previous surgery or simply desiring to have it extracted from the body.

The En Bloc Capsulectomy procedure withdraws the implant and the capsule while allowing the breast tissue and muscles to settle back to their original position for a more natural appearance.

Breast Reconstruction

For women with breast cancer or genetic predisposition to breast cancer, there are many options available for breast reconstruction. Understanding the different types of breast reconstruction and the steps and timing of the surgical process is essential and can factor into decisions regarding which procedure is best for you.


Gynecomastia or excess breast tissue in males is very common but is infrequently discussed. You are not alone if you feel ashamed or insecure about taking off your shirt at the beach or at the gym. Gynecomastia correction, or male breast reduction, is frequently performed to reduce the size and shape of the enlarged breast tissue.


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Perhaps the most focused upon area of practice within the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery, breast enhancement is an art form unto itself and can be broken down into cosmetic and reconstruction procedures.
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