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Panhandle Plastic Surgery offers medical grade facial services and products to be used by our Licensed Estheticians.  Our Custom Facial, Detox Facial, Hydrafacial and Microneedling facial procedures are designed to precisely fit your skincare concerns.  Our highly trained Estheticians can help to educate you also on your skin care needs on our ZO Obagi medical grade products.  Please feel free to book a free consultation for your skin care needs.


Chemical peels involve placing an acid solution on your face to remove the damaged and imperfect outer layers of skin. These treatments come in various depths and strengths, and are designed to unveil a brand new layer of skin that is smoother and more beautiful than ever before. We will apply the chosen chemical solution that has been customized to safely treat your unique skin issues. Once the treatment is complete, we will send home proper instruction for post care treatment.


A non-invasive rejuvenation treatment, dermaplaning involves exfoliating your skin to achieve a smoother complexion. It’s often performed in conjunction with chemical peels to achieve the best possible cosmetic outcome. To perform this procedure, an esthetician will pull your skin taut, while gently moving a surgical blade over your face to eliminate any dead skin cells and remove facial hair, allowing your bright and healthy complexion to shine through. Once the procedure is complete, you will not experience any downtime, and you’ll be free to resume your normal daily routine immediately.


Whether you’re new to aesthetic treatments or already have an established routine, Alle makes rewarding yourself easy.Alle includes everything you loved about Brilliant Distinctions® — and so much more. Ready to start earning?


Facials, Peels & Dermaplane

Facials, Peels & Dermaplaning or tried and true ways to address virtually any skin issue. Completely customized to your needs, lifestyle in specific skin issues, these in-office treatments offer an incredible way to erase imperfections and restore you’re glowing complexion.

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