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Summer Confidence Uncovered!

Bottom in bikini

As the days fly by and the weather gets warmer, we are headed straight into swimsuit season. Between taking the kids to the pool and beach vacations, there can be no avoiding the revealing nature of summer wear. We often feel stuck with wearing swimsuits that we feel less than confident in or using various means to cover up our problem areas and end up suffering in the heat.

One of the significant problem areas for women is our bottoms. This is the area we do squats, run, and diet to change and look at every time we pass a mirror. Unfortunately, despite our concentrated efforts, we can often have little effect on the bumps and dimples we see there.

Those dimples are caused by cellulite, a natural part of our bodies, of which levels can be determined by genetics, age, and skin thickness. Over time our skin thins and fibrous bands underneath our skin thicken, causing tension that pushes fat cells against our skin, giving it a dimpled look that robs us of our confidence!

If exercise and diet have little effect, is there a solution? How can we stay cool and feel confident at the same time in our summer clothes?

Enter QWO. QWO is a targeted, non-surgical injectable treatment for moderate to severe cellulite. It is a quick and effective solution to our lumpy bottom, often taking no more than three treatments, 21 days apart, with results visible in 10 weeks! FDA approved and clinically tested, QWO is a solution worth exploring with your aesthetic specialist to feel confident and cool uncovered this summer!

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