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Get Rewarded for Investing in You!

Panhandle Plastic Surgery is partnered with Allē Brands to help you save money on your aesthetic treatments.

As a member of Allē, you earn points each time you choose an Allē brand or other qualifying product or treatment. The points are added to your Alle wallet on eligible products or treatments for Allē and other brands. For every 100 points you earn, you gain $10 savings toward future products or treatments.

Using your rewards is as simple as letting your provider know how many points or offers you’d like to apply to your transaction at checkout. No need to activate or convert points!

As an Allē member, you will have access to bonus points, surprise offers, discounted gift cards, and more! Remember to follow Allē on social and check the app regularly to view offers. Get started by downloading the Allē app and becoming a new member in a few simple steps. Then access and redeem your points directly from the app, browse curated content, and discover the latest in aesthetic treatments.

Sign up Allē here and start accruing points today!

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