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Top 5 Non-Surgical Treatments For Fall

Fall is a prime time for skin rejuvenation. In Texas, as the sun mellows and temperatures drop, many turn their attention to aesthetic treatments. With decreased sun exposure reducing risks such as post-treatment hyperpigmentation, fall offers an opportunity to explore and indulge in some of the top non-surgical procedures. Let's dive into the best of the best with our top 5 picks!

  1. PRP Injections with Microneedling:

What It Is: This treatment harnesses your body's Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and combines it with the collagen-stimulating effects of microneedling.

Why You'll Love It: Think unparalleled skin rejuvenation, diminished scars, and those fine lines? Consider them history. Remember, proper microneedling PRP aftercare will be crucial to maximize results!

  1. IPL Photo Rejuvenation (or as we like to call it, the IPI Photofacial):

IPL Photofacial

What It Is: A favorite in the skincare products aesthetic, IPL Photofacial uses broad-spectrum light to address various skin issues.

Why You'll Love It: See reduced pigmentation, diminished redness, and a silky smooth skin texture.

  1. Laser ResurFX:

What It Is This isn't just another laser treatment; ResurFX stands out as a non-ablative, fractional laser technique.

Why You'll Love It: From scars to fine lines, the results are transformational.

  1. ZO® 3-Step Peel™:

What It Is: The Zo® 3-Step Peel™ isn’t just any peel. It’s a revolutionary treatment for a variety of skin concerns, including Melasma, sun damage, aging, uneven texture, and acne.

Why You'll Love It: Expect results well beyond traditional peels, coupled with antioxidant and anti-irritant benefits. And yes, a slight redness during the post chemical peel phase is to be anticipated. But with fall’s milder sun, it's the ideal recovery weather.

  1. PhotoFabulous (The Power Combo of IPL and Laser ResurFX):

What It Is: This combination brings together the best of IPL and ResurFX for a comprehensive treatment.

Why You'll Love It: A dual approach means double the glow, targeting both pigmentation and skin texture.

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